If in the past time many people prefer to have modern and glamorous decoration compared to the traditional one, but right in this modern era, people seems to love something ancient like a rustic decoration. It emphasizes how fashion including interior design is the result of the recycling idea of the past to the present time. In this case, you can use this rustic idea to all of your interior designs including your bathroom. Therefore, you have to check at some rustic decoration for your stylish bathroom idea below.

Since rustic is just a style, so it will still be a good idea to install some rustic combination for the a modern bathroom design. In this case, you can have a white bathroom with rustic deck wall and ceiling design. It is pretty clear that this room only installed rustic style for combination not as the main design. The most important thing is decorating the wall and the ceiling with rustic wooden deck. Further, if it is combined with modern small lighting ideas to the room, then you will have the real rustic bathroom outlook. Add with a long rustic wooden cabinet to place some candelabrums, your rustic bathroom looks gorgeous along with the white round bathtub with log ottoman aside.

The next idea suggests you to decorate your bathroom with rustic vanity design. In this design, you are supposed to build the real rustic design to your vanity. Firstly, installing a rustic concrete sink will strengthens the unique style of your bathroom. With simple ancient faucet accompanying this sink, it spreads over traditional nuance to the room. Meanwhile, the black framed wall mirror above the sink glows such gloomy effect to emphasize the rustic outlook. Flanked between two golden white wall lanterns, this wall mirror reflects such wondrous rustic atmosphere to the entire room.

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